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Jul 20, 2020

We're just a few days out from the release of Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise, so it's about time we take a look back at the first game that just happened to turn ten years old earlier this year. Back when it launched in 2010, Deadly Premonition stood as a budget oddity, at first only seen as a wacky, broken game that cribbed a little too hard from Twin Peaks. But over time, this open-world mystery became something of a mini-phenomenon, and generated a small cult of fans willing to look past the rough exterior to see the brilliant ideas tucked away inside.

On this episode, join host Bob Mackey and guest supergreatfriend (Check out his YouTube channel!) as the two dig deep into the game that put SWERY on the map. Did you get all that, Zach?

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