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The home of Retronauts, the greatest classic gaming podcast of all time! Or at least the oldest. New episodes every Monday (with bonus episodes every other Friday). Hosts Bob Mackey and Jeremy Parish explore the history of video games through casual conversations, developer interviews, and deep-dives into both influential games and esoteric topics alike.

Jun 28, 2022

The early aughts were all about 3D games on consoles, but the humble 2D platformer didn't vanish: it merely migrated, and 2002 gave us Mega Man Zero. Stuart Gipp and Brian "Protodude" Austrian dissect this action classic and lament its bananas difficulty.

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Jun 25, 2022

Jeremy Parish, Ray Barnholt, and Brandon Sheffield explore the second era of Taito's history: The late 1980s. From arcade all-timers like Bubble Bobble and Arkanoid to a major push to home consoles, it's two hours of wall-to-wall classics!

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Jun 20, 2022

After taking off during the go-go '90s, Kirby had a bit of an identity crisis in the 2000s. With HAL hard at work on the resource-intensive Smash Bros. games, they barely had time to work on their once-signature series, outside of a few remakes—leaving them with no choice but to leave their pink puffball in the...

Jun 13, 2022

Live from MGC! Jeremy Parish, Nadia Oxford, Kevin Bunch, and Brian Clark explore the 8-bit games that shaped Japanese design tastes. Plus: Kelsey Lewin and Norman Caruso share their thoughts on documenting the history of games.

Recorded by Jason Gares. Art by John Pading. Edits by Greg Leahy.

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Jun 10, 2022

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