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The home of Retronauts, the greatest classic gaming podcast of all time! Or at least the oldest. New episodes every Monday (with bonus episodes every other Friday). Hosts Bob Mackey and Jeremy Parish explore the history of video games through casual conversations, developer interviews, and deep-dives into both influential games and esoteric topics alike.

Jun 30, 2014

We present the "Life and Times of the 3DO" in this special live panel about the often-forgotten 32-bit console.

Jun 23, 2014

We continue to dip our feet in the console golden age and jump around the chronology of Mattel's "Intelligent Television."

Jun 3, 2014

Esteemed game designer Hideo Kojima has had his hands full with Metal Gear (exclusively) for the past 15 years, but once upon a time his games featured far fewer nanomachines. On this installment of Retronauts Pocket, we take a long, hard look at Policenauts, Kojima's 1994 adventure game that signaled the end of his...